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blue Cotton Candy Party Time


Blue Cotton candy machine with the unique design of the 1950s American Diner. Compatible with granulated sugar or hard candies. Let's party with Party Time Ariete!

Light Blue

Homemade cotton candy for your parties with friends

cotton candy macchina per zucchero filato ariete 2973 azzurro

With Cotton Candy Party Time every day is "Happy Days"

It will be like having an theme park right in your own home with Ariete’s Party Time candy floss maker. Have fun creating new sweet treats with caster sugar or hard sweets of all flavours, to amuse children... and adults too! Party Time’s Cotton Candy is extremely easy to use, you just have to place the sugar or the chopped boiled sweets straight into the machine and start to gather the candy floss, using the special cone supplied. Guaranteed fun!

A cloud of candy floss, like you get at the theme park!

The Cotton Candy candy floss maker from Ariete’s Party Time line allows you to make homemade candy floss just like you get at the theme park. Perfect for bringing happiness into the home, to amuse the children and make the adults kids again!


cotton candy macchina per zucchero filato ariete 2973 azzurro

An unforgettable birthday party!

Organise a truly unforgettable birthday party with the Party Time Cotton Candy candy floss maker. Choose lots of flavours of hard sweets and make just as many flavours of colourful, sweet, fun candy floss. The children will love it and will have fun making candy floss at home to enjoy with their friends!

cotton candy macchina per zucchero filato ariete 2973 azzurro


Discover Ariete’s Party Time line, with loads of products designed for you to have fun together and create delicious snacks and parties for all ages. Loads of products, all featuring a sparkling design that will take you back to the American Happy Days of the 1950s!

party time ariete azzurro

Product specifications

Model 2973
Code 00C297301AR0
EAN 8003705119062
Power 450 Watts
Compatible with Granulated sugar or hard candies
Cotton candy cones 4
Product length 28.00 cm
Product width 28.00 cm
Product height 26.50 cm
Product weight 1.81 Kg
Box weight 2.38 Kg
Master weight 5.22 Kg
Master pieces 2
Pallet pieces 72
20 container pieces 1348
40 container pieces 2840
40H container pieces 3032