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Floor Sweeper Steam Mop

Брошюра Код: 00P270500AR0
EAN: 8003705110069

Steam & Sweeper is the cutting-edge 2-in-1 floor washer with dual function: sweeper and steam cleaner. This extremely versatile appliance keeps floors perfectly clean in just a few easy steps. Thanks to the two-way base, it is sufficient to pass over the floor with the rotary brush to pick up dust and crumbs and, after, to treat the floor with a quick but effective burst of steam. The two functions can also be used simultaneously.

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Codice 00P270500AR0
Removable tank
Collapsible handle to save space
Turbo brush for dust vacuuming
Softener filter with active resins
180° articulated head
2 microfiber cloths and carpet slide included