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Bon Cuisine 250


25 liters electric oven with static and ventilated function, 6 cooking modes, timer that can be set up to 60 'and adjustable temperature up to 230 ° C

25 Litres

Product description

Electric oven with 25 litre capacity that ensures exceptional performance, making you successful in preparing the most appetizing recipes. Equipped with timer adjustable up to 60 minutes, temperature adjustable up to 230°C, six cooking modes and fan-assisted function for food combined cooking. It comes with grill, drip pan, handle for accessories removal and crumb tray, Bon Cuisine 250 is a perfect aid in the kitchen! 

Bon Cuisine 250 is your indispensable ally in the kitchen

arrosto forno elettrico bon cuisine 250 ariete

Arrosti da bis!

Put a rich tray of tasty and steaming roast on the table with lots of vegetables around: not only will you please the whole family but you will probably be asked for an encore. No problem, because Bon Cuisine 250 is immediately ready for a new and succulent batch.

pizza fatta in casa forno elettrico bon cuisine 250

Pizzas as good as in Naples

Cook your pizzas with Bon Cuisine 250 and you will have a pizzeria-proof result. Steaming and fragrant pizzas and focaccia, but also bread and any other leavened dough, will be cooked to perfection thanks to the double glass which guarantees the constant keeping of the set temperature.

 lasagne forno elettrico bon cuisine 250

Baked pasta, how delicious!

If you have some plain pasta left over, don't throw it away. Season it with a little béchamel, tomato or ragù, a sprinkling of Parmesan and a rich pan of tasty and irresistible baked pasta is ready to be put in the oven. With Bon Cuisine 250 you serve a dish full of flavor that will please the whole family.

For a table full of dishes to be enjoyed and savored together with your loved ones

torta di mele forno elettrico bon cuisine 250

Dream cakes and biscuits

Satisfy your craving for sweets by baking the softest cakes with Bon Cuisine 250, plum cakes and donuts made as they once were, fragrant tarts and biscuits, croissants with an inebriating scent. In a few minutes the oven is ready for cooking and you will be able to fulfill your sweet tooth dreams in no time at all. Prepare, bake, wait and... the cake is already on the plate!

patate fritte in forno forno elettrico bon cuisine 250

Baked fries

Arrange the potatoes cut into sticks directly on the pan with a sheet of parchment paper. Sprinkle them with a drizzle of oil, salt and cook at 200° for 15 minutes. You will get a pan of golden and fragrant chips with the same crunchiness as fried ones, but with much less fat and much lighter! Enjoy them whenever you want, to enrich your dishes or simply treat yourself to a delicious snack.

torta salata forno elettrico bon cuisine 250

Savory pies and quiches

Save dinner recipe? A savory pie with vegetables or a simple but tasty quiche can turn your dinner around. With the Bon Cuisine 250 electric oven you will have your savory pie ready in a few minutes, without having to turn on the oven at home. Let yourself be inspired by the ingredients and create a different cake every time to satisfy the cravings of the whole family!

pizza fatta in casa forno elettrico bon cuisine 250


Do you know how many lives a roast can have? A perfume is enough to change its fate.

(Gualtiero Marchesi)

Product specifications

Model 0984
Code 00C098400AR0
EAN 8003705114388
Power 1500W
Capacity 25 l
Timer with 60' time end signal
Six cooking positions
Double glass
Fan-assisted function
Maximum temperature 230° C
Stainless steel grill
Temperature ready light
Crumb tray
Accessories grill, drip pan, handle for accessories removal
Product length 46.00 cm
Product width 33.50 cm
Product height 29.00 cm
Product weight 7.20 Kg
Box weight 9.15 Kg
Master weight 9.15 Kg
Master pieces 1
Pallet pieces 16
20 container pieces 320
40 container pieces 666
40H container pieces 773