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Healthy Steam


Electric steamer to steam fish, rice, meat, eggs, vegetables. Steam ready in 40 seconds. 3 baskets with lid and rice cooker.


Healthy, light, nutritious: steaming with Healthy Steam Ariete

Originally from Eastern countries, steam cooking has also spread to Italy as a nutritious and tastier alternative to cooking in boiling water. Boiled dishes disperse most of their nutrients in the water, as well as aromatic ones, because boiling water alters consistency, flavors and aromas. The steam allows cooking that keeps the amount of vitamins and mineral salts naturally present in food almost unchanged. Steamed food is healthy and steaming is preferable to traditional cooking, as it also allows you to use less fat and seasonings.

With Ariete Healthy Steam steamer, steam cooking will have no more secrets, because you can cook rice, meat, fish, shellfish, vegetables and eggs in a few minutes, always obtaining a full-bodied and intense flavor, without dispersing important nutrients for your diet. With the 3 supplied baskets you can cook many dishes at the same time, in addition you will also have a convenient container for steaming rice, perfect for preparing sushi or traditional Asian dishes. The steamer tank is easy to fill even during operation, with the water level visible. In just 40 seconds the steam will be ready for cooking: cook, sit at the table and enjoy your steamed dishes!

Product specifications

Model 0911
Code 00C091101AR0
EAN 8003705116788
Power 800 Watts
Capacity 9 Liters
Baskets with lid 3
Cook rice
Steam Ready in 40 seconds
Timer 60 minutes
External water filling during cooking
Visible water level indicator
Product length 32.00 cm
Product width 23.50 cm
Product height 41.50 cm
Product weight 1.78 Kg
Box weight 2.41 Kg
Master weight 10.95 Kg
Master pieces 4
Pallet pieces 72
20 container pieces 1288
40 container pieces 2660
40H container pieces 3024