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La Grigliata


Electric grill with non-stick and removable contact plates (34 x 24 cm). 3 cooking positions: in a pizza oven, in contact for toast, at 180 ° for grilled meat, vegetables and fish


La Grigliata di Ariete: the ideal grill pan for pizza, toast, grilled meat and vegetables

Ariete presents the Grigliata, a practical and multifunctional grill with non-stick and removable plates for all tastes and flavours. Thanks to its 1800W power, food cooking will be perfect, fast and even! Its use is certainly versatile, as you can choose between several cooking modes according to your needs: toaster/grill, which is ideal to cook meat, toasts, skewers, vegetables and fish; oven, which is ideal to heat pizzas, bread, croutons and sandwiches; barbecue, ideal to grill meat and vegetables through the 180 degrees opening of the grill, thus making greater use of the plates surface.

La Grigliata is Ariete's electric grill with two overlapping non-stick plates, designed to create dishes for all tastes. Thanks to the two ribbed heating plates it can be used as an oven, ideal for heating pizzas, focaccia, croutons and sandwiches, or in barbecue mode, with the contact plates, for grilling hamburgers and sandwiches, but also meat and obtaining homogeneous and fast cooking. on both sides at the same time. The plates can also be opened to 180 ° and thus extend the cooking surface for always excellent grilled meat, vegetables or fish. Versatile, compact and functional, La Grigliata Ariete is perfect for your every need in the kitchen!

Product specifications

Model 1914
Code 00C191400AR0
EAN 8003705113282
Power 1800W
Plates material non-stick, aluminium
Removable plates
180° degrees opening
Adjustable thermostat
Cold parts
Oven cooking ideal to heat pizzas
Contact cooking ideal for meat and toasts
Temperature indicator light
Oil drain hole
Vertical position
Conformity Marking CE
Product length 41.00 cm
Product width 36.00 cm
Product height 14.00 cm
Product weight 3.91 Kg
Package weight 4.49 Kg
Shipping carton weight 18.88 Kg
Shipping carton pieces 4
Pallet pieces 48
Container 20 pieces 900
Container 40 pieces 1800
Container 40H pieces 2160
Box weight 4.49 Kg
Master weight 18.88 Kg
Master pieces 4
20 container pieces 900
40 container pieces 1800
40H container pieces 2160