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Vintage Beige Chopper


2-speed chopper, 2 buttons and 4 stainless steel blades. Vegetable grinder and ice crusher. 600ml graduated cup.


Product description

The Vintage Line of Ariete is enriched with an indispensable product for your recipes in the kitchen: a chopper with retro lines and soft pastel colors, perfect for bringing a touch of style and functionality to your kitchen. Thanks to its 400 Watt power and 4 stainless steel blades, the Vintage Chopper allows you to chop any ingredient for your recipes: from vegetables to meat, cheese, bread, dried fruit and even ice. The 2 speeds, which can be operated with the two buttons on the top of the chopper, allow you to chop or finely chop food, while the non-slip feet ensure maximum adhesion of the product to the worktop.

Vegetable grinder for a perfect mix

There is no homemade ragù without a good chopped onion, celery, carrots and parsley. With the Vintage chopper, you can reduce all smells evenly in a few moments to prepare the sauté for your tastiest recipes. Say goodbye to ready-made preparations! Thanks to the food processor, you can also prepare large quantities of meat ready to be frozen in convenient portions to use when you prefer.

tritatutto vintage beige ariete 438 battuto

Ice crusher function for cocktails and slushes

The stainless steel blades and the power of the Vintage Chopper allow you to finely chop any ingredient, including ice. The chopper is in fact also a convenient ice crusher: have fun preparing all kinds of slushes at home or indulge yourself with fresh and thirst-quenching cocktails, to give a touch of joy to your evenings at home.

tritatutto vintage beige ariete 438 tritaghiaccio
tritatutto vintage beige ariete 438 pesto

Make homemade pesto

Genuine and good because prepared with your hands! You need few ingredients for homemade pesto, but of extreme quality. Add basil, Grana Padano, pine nuts, extra virgin olive oil and a clove of garlic to the chopper, you will get a thick, creamy and fragrant pesto for your pesto pasta.

tritatutto vintage beige ariete 438 tritacarne

Meat grinder for meatballs and meatloaf

With the Vintage Chopper you get a perfect minced meat for preparing delicious meatballs or a delicious meatloaf. Chop your favorite meat at speed 1 and you will get a very fine and quality mince.

tritatutto vintage beige ariete 438 biscotti

Ideal for dried fruit, biscuits and chocolate

Not just vegetables, meat or cheese, with the Vintage Chopper you can also crush hazelnuts and almonds, or biscuits and chocolate. By selecting the maximum speed of the chopper in a few moments you will have a very fine powder perfect for garnishing your desserts.

Product specifications

Model 0438
Code 00C043803AR0
EAN 8003705120082
Power 400 Watts
Capacity 600ml
Blades 4 in Stainless Steel
Speed 2
Non-slip feet + ring
Product length 12.00 cm
Product width 12.50 cm
Product height 26.00 cm
Product weight 1.04 Kg
Box weight 1.32 Kg
Master weight 8.35 Kg
Master pieces 6
Pallet pieces 216
20 container pieces 4428
40 container pieces 9240
40H container pieces 10848