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11-element oil radiator green


Active heating elements in minutes. 3 power levels. Practical, handy and easily transportable thanks to the built-in handle and the 4 360 ° swivel wheels.


Vintage Ariete radiator: The comfort you want with the style you love

The Ariete Vintage oil radiator is designed to bring a climate of well-being to your home with the unique style and 1950s lines typical of Ariete Vintage line. Practical and functional, the heating elements reach temperature in a few minutes, giving you all the warmth you need. The radiator is easily transported to any room, thanks to the practical handle and the 360 ° swivel wheels, accompanying you in your moments of relaxation: it heats the bedroom, the bathroom before a shower on the coldest days or any other room in the house and, thanks to the 3 power levels, you choose the temperature you prefer. A real design object that furnishes your home with the elegant Vintage Ariete style.

The climate is always ideal

The Vintage radiator is beautiful and functional: ideal in the coldest months of the year to heat the room in a few moments. Adjust the temperature by choosing from the 3 available power levels and create the perfect climate of well-being around you that you need.

With you, in every room of the house

The Vintage oil radiator is compact and easy to handle, specially designed for those who feel the cold who want to take it with them to every room of the house, from the bathroom to the bedroom, thanks to the practical handle and the 4 360° rotating wheels.

Decorate with the style you love

The Vintage line thinks of you, who want to take care of and furnish your home in every little detail with the style you like. Soft lines, pastel colors and the iconic 50s design characterize the Vintage oil radiator. You won't want to hide it, you'll love to keep it on display as an elegant and functional piece of furniture at the same time.

Product specifications

Model 0839
Code 00B083914AR0
EAN 8003705119208
Product length 47.00 cm
Product width 12.00 cm
Product height 67.00 cm
Product weight 0.00 Kg
Box weight 10.60 Kg
Master weight 10.60 Kg
Master pieces
Pallet pieces 28
20 container pieces 550
40 container pieces 1140
40H container pieces 1320