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red Pop Corn Party Time


Red Pop Corn machine with the unique design of the 1950s American Diner. Hot air cooking without the use of oil or fat. Prepare 60g of corn in under 2 minutes. Let's party with Party Time Ariete!


Can you hear the pop of freshly made popcorn too? With the Party Time Pop Corn maker, every day is “Happy Days”

macchina per popcorn party time ariete 2956 rosso

With Pop Corn Party Time every day is "Happy Days"

This popcorn maker from Ariete’s new Party Time line will be at your side on your evenings with family or friends with lots of crunchy, tasty popcorn ready to be munched non-stop. Thanks to the special hot air cooking method, Party Time Pop Corn turns 60 g of corn into delicious-smelling, light popcorn in less than 2 minutes. There is no need for you to add anything else like oil or fat to achieve a light but tasty snack, completely natural and fat-free.

Popcorn with the family...

The sofa, a film and some popcorn, what better way to end the day? With Ariete’s Party Time Pop Corn, make popcorn for the whole family in just a few moments and delight adults and children alike with a snack made for munching on in front of the TV. Thanks to the hot air cooking method, there is no need to even add anything, you just have to turn on the popcorn maker and wait for the corn to pop!

macchina per popcorn party time ariete 2956 rosso

...or popcorn with friends

Whether it’s a match on TV or playing board games, it will be an evening full of fun, thanks to the Party Time Pop Corn! In just 2 minutes you’ll have a bowl full of crunchy popcorn to pair with a fresh drink with all your friends. Or enjoy popcorn as a snack or light treat during the day, it’s also perfect for adding crunchiness to a light salad.

macchina per popcorn party time ariete 2956 rosso


Discover Ariete’s Party Time line, with loads of products designed for you to have fun together and create delicious snacks and parties for all ages. Loads of products, all featuring a sparkling design that will take you back to the American Happy Days of the 1950s!


party time ariete rosso

Product specifications

Model 2956
Code 00C295600AR0
EAN 8003705119277
Power 1100 Watts
Capacity 60gr of corn in 2 minutes
Fat-free hot air cooking
Product length 14.00 cm
Product width 18.50 cm
Product height 30.50 cm
Product weight 0.96 Kg
Box weight 1.31 Kg
Master weight 5.74 Kg
Master pieces 4
Pallet pieces 120
20 container pieces 2656
40 container pieces 5596
40H container pieces 5976