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Handy Force


Electric broom with double vacuum cleaner function and vacuum crumbs. Bagless cyclonic technology. Telescopic tube and accessories included.


Electric broom with double vacuum cleaner function and vacuum crumbs. Bagless cyclonic technology. Telescopic tube and accessories included.

Handy Force Ariete 2761 is the light and handy electric broom, which easily transforms into a practical portable handheld vacuum cleaner for cleaning all rooms and corners of the house. The corded electric broom is powerful and ideal for cleaning floors of all kinds, rugs and carpets, thanks to the bagless cyclonic technology, which allows you to vacuum even the most stubborn dirt. With a single move, the Handy Force electric broom turns into a portable handheld vacuum cleaner with a spout perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach corners and crevices, shelves and floors. Using the special fabric accessory, with Handy Force even sofas, armchairs and cushions can be vacuumed in an instant.

Handy Force is not only practical and versatile to use, but also very easy to clean: the tank can in fact be emptied in an instant directly above the dustbin and the Hepa filter, which guarantees maximum suction of dust and dirt, can be washed directly underneath. running water, to always guarantee the best suction performance. The practical support for hooking to the wall allows you to store the electric broom wherever you prefer and always have it at hand for the daily cleaning of your home.

Your electric broom will have a long life thanks to the cyclonic technology that maximizes the suction power, but also the duration of the filters, which can be replaced periodically. Discover the replacement filters compatible with the Handy Force Ariete 2761 electric broom.

The electric broom vacuums all types of floors and carpets

scopa elettrica ariete 2761 handy force

Lightweight and easy to handle

To comfortably vacuum the whole house, you need a versatile and light electric broom, which can be adapted to any corner, even the most hidden. Handy Force is the lightweight and easy to handle Ariete electric broom designed to make vacuuming the house a quick and easy operation.

scopa elettrica handy force ariete 2761 aspirazione pavimenti delicati

Vertical Broom and Mini Vac

The universal brush is designed to deeply clean any type of floor, even the most delicate ones such as marble, porcelain stoneware or ceramic. Handy Force vacuum and clean any surface!

scopa elettrica handy force ariete 2761 aspirabriciole

Vacuum even the most delicate floors

Handy Force is both a vertical broom and a portable handheld vacuum cleaner at the same time. In a simple click you can take it apart and use it in all contexts of the house. It will be your indispensable ally in daily chores.

The cyclonic force and the Hepa filter against dust and mites

scopa elettrica ariete 2761 handy force trattiene acari micropolveri pollini

Allergy to dust no thanks!

The suction power of Handy Force combined with the Hepa filter ensure not only deep suction, but also the elimination of micro dust, mites and pollen which thus remain trapped inside the tank, avoiding their dispersion in the air.

scopa elettrica ariete 2761 handy force aspira divani e tessuti

Perfect for Refreshing Sofas

Handy Force quickly becomes an ideal vacuum cleaner for vacuuming and refreshing sofas and armchairs, but also the interior of the machine. No more dust, when Aries Handy Force is around!

scopa elettrica ariete 2761 handy force aspirapolvere per tappeti

Excellent suction even on carpets

Carpets are one of the places of maximum concentration of dust at home, so it is necessary to vacuum them daily and effectively. The Handy Force electric broom will also make vacuuming carpets a breeze.

Product specifications

Model 2761
Code 00P276110AR0
EAN 8003705116948
Product length 27.00 cm
Product width 23.00 cm
Product height 122.00 cm
Product weight 2.24 Kg
Box weight 2.85 Kg
Master weight 12.24 Kg
Master pieces 4
Pallet pieces 48
20 container pieces 1040
40 container pieces 2280
40H container pieces 2440