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Airy Fryer Digital


Air fryer with 360 ° hot air technology. Up to 80% less fat than traditional frying. Removable 2.6 liter non-stick basket


Why use an air fryer?

Airy Fryer Digital is an air fryer which can make tasty fried foods thanks to the fast and even hot air circulation inside the basket. On the LCD touch screen display, you will choose among 7 pre-set programs, based on the kind of food to be cooked, or manual mode setting. Airy Fryer Digital fries your favourite foods with 80% less fat and just one tablespoon of oil! Ideal for frying frozen and breaded products. Air frying technology is not recommended for liquid batters.

  • How does it work? The all-round hot air circulation into the basket ensures an even cooking of foods. You will taste the same flavours and aromas as for traditional frying by just using a single spoon of oil.
  • What foods can be fried? In addition to crunchy fries, you can prepare tasty potato croquettes, meat, fish and many other breaded, fresh or frozen foods
  • Browse the recipe book: have fun trying the tasty sweet and savoury recipes we have chosen for you
  • Fried food at will: forget greasy and caloric frying and cook with 80% less fat without giving up the pleasure of good food
  • It is environment-friendly: in addition to lighter and healthier fried food, it protects the house from bad smells and eliminates the production of waste oils, one of the most dangerous sources of pollution for the environment.

Product specifications

Model 4616
Code 00C461600AR0
EAN 8003705117495
Power 1300W
Non-stick basket capacity of 2.6 L
Removable basket for easy cleaning
Only needs a tablespoon of oil to fry
External container with handle
Timer 60 min
Display touch screen
7 pre-set programs
Maximum temperature 200°C
Recipe book included
Product length 32.50 cm
Product width 27.50 cm
Product height 31.50 cm
Product weight 3.63 Kg
Package weight 4.44 Kg
Shipping carton weight 9.73 Kg
Shipping carton pieces 2
Pallet pieces 36
Container 20 pieces 754
Container 40 pieces 1508
Container 40H pieces 1754
Box weight 4.44 Kg
Master weight 9.73 Kg
Master pieces 2
20 container pieces 754
40 container pieces 1508
40H container pieces 1754