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Pizzeria Ariete Red


Electric oven for 2 pizzas with 2 refractory stones of 32 cm diameter with non-stick treatment. 2 separate thermostats. 5 cooking levels. Maximum temperature 400°. Ideal for baking 2 pizzas at the same time. Red

Red Double

No more waiting: cook 2 pizzas at the same time!

Do you love pizza and love to bake it at home? Do you like to cook it for dinner with family or friends? It often happens that you have to wait before eating because the standard pizza oven only allows you to cook one pizza at a time.

The “Pizzeria ArieteDouble Pizza Oven is the ideal solution. You will be able to cook 2 pizzas at the same time: 2 separate zones, an upper one and a lower one, with 2 independent thermostats to manage cooking separately.

In both cooking zones, the 32 cm refractory stones are equipped with a transparent non-stick treatment that makes cleaning the stone better as residues and oil are removed more easily. The pizza oven allows you to cook and / or heat pizza and focaccia at 5 cooking levels, up to a maximum temperature of 400 degrees.

Fast cooking at high temperature allows you to replicate the same method of wood-fired ovens and in just 4 minutes you get a perfect cooking for homemade pizza, and 2 minutes for frozen pizza. Enjoying pizza at home has never been so quick and easy. Seeing is believing!

Pizza for everyone at the same time!

In 4' minutes you will not cook one pizza but 2 pizzas. Waiting times will be halved and you will eat together with your friends.


A more resistant and performing refractory stone

New refractory stone with transparent non-stick treatment that makes cleaning much easier and faster, as well as ensuring even better performance and maintenance of the stone over time.

Double the taste of your homemade pizzas


The real Neapolitan pizza

Enjoy at home the goodness and fragrance of authentic Neapolitan pizza rich in colors, aromas and flavors just like the one just out of the wood oven.


Fast cooking

Pizza ready in just 4 minutes thanks to the maximum temperature of 400 degrees that the oven reaches in a few moments. The even and constant baking gives the dough the right crunchiness and browning.


Remove the pizza easily

Use the two handy stainless steel paddles included to place the pizza on the hot stone and conveniently remove it as soon as it is cooked.

Gluten free and intolerances

Prepare the right pizzas for you: gluten free, with lactose-free mozzarella, vegan with only vegetables and many more.

After preparing the dough and ingredients, bake them in the Pizzeria Ariete double pizza oven and enjoy your favourite pizzas!

come fare la pizza fatta in casa ariete

Product specifications

Model 0927
Code 00C092700AR0
EAN 8003705121638
Power 2300 Watts
2 refractory stones with non-stick treatment
2 separate thermostats
Maximum temperature 400°
Cooking levels 5
Stone diameter 32 cm (including metal frame)
2 stainless steel paddles
Product length 42.00 cm
Product width 43.00 cm
Product height 32.50 cm
Product weight 0.00 Kg
Box weight 12.14 Kg
Master weight 12.14 Kg
Master pieces
Pallet pieces 16
20 container pieces 380
40 container pieces 790
40H container pieces 924