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Airy Fryer Compact Black


2 liter air fryer. Fry with a single tablespoon of oil. Ideal for meat, fish or vegetables. Non-stick basket. Temperature up to 200 °.


Discover the innovative Airy Fryer Compact air fryer

Airy Fryer Compact is the new air fryer in super compact format! Convenient and space-saving, thanks to this new product it is possible to obtain fried but at the same time healthy food thanks to a rapid and uniform circulation of hot air inside the basket. Meat, fish or vegetables will be crunchy and tasty like those prepared in a normal deep fryer, but with 80% less fat and with just one tablespoon of oil! Also ideal for roasting, baking and grilling! Finally it is possible to combine flavor and lightness for a healthy and tasty cuisine!

Fried with a single spoonful of oil

For both the little ones and the older ones, frying is always good but oil increases the presence of unhealthy saturated fats. Prepare fried food with the hot air cooking of the Airy Fryer Compact. You will bring healthier dishes to the table without sacrificing crunchiness and taste


Frying without oil and odors is possible!

The air fryer is the right choice to cook the fried food you want without odors and fumes at home. Thanks to the hot air cooking inside the fryer, odors and smoke do not escape


Air frying is good for health and the environment

The air fryer helps reduce the consumption of used oil, a highly polluting factor. Airy Fryer Compact also features a removable non-stick basket for easy cleaning after use


Product specifications

Model 4617
Code 00C461700AR0
EAN 8003705118102
Power 1000W
External container with handle
Internal non-stick basket capacity 2L (about 400 gr of chips)
Maximum temperature 200 ° C
Non-slip feet
Fry with 1 tablespoon of oil
Conformity marks CE
Product length 26.00 cm
Product width 21.00 cm
Product height 31.00 cm
Product weight 2.54 Kg
Box weight 3.20 Kg
Master weight 6.92 Kg
Master pieces 2
Pallet pieces 60
20 container pieces 1100
40 container pieces 2200
40H container pieces 2740