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Breakfast Station


Choose between coffee, cappuccino, tea or herbal tea and enjoy your breakfast at home like at the bar. 3 in 1 product: electric moka, kettle and milk frother


3 products in 1 for your breakfasts at home!

If you purchase your Breakfast Station now, you will have no further need to buy any other breakfast appliance, because the Ariete Breakfast Station is the 3 in 1 product that combines an electric Moka pot and a milk frother, which can also be operated simultaneously, with an electric kettle.  So every morning you can let your imagination run wild and try new kinds of family breakfast, to suit everyone’s tastes. 

If for you the perfect breakfast is at home surrounded by adults and children, you will no longer be able to do without the Breakfast Station and its 5 functions that mean everyone can be in agreement:

Electric coffee-maker: the Moka pot is the coffee machine that gives you excellence. The electric Moka pot, with a 2/4 cup capacity, enables you to prepare your breakfast coffee quickly and conveniently, without sacrificing the aroma and body of espresso coffee. The electric Moka pot will turn itself off automatically once the coffee is ready, keeping it at the right temperature and without leaving coffee stains on the hob.

Electric tea maker: if you want to enjoy a hot cup of tea in the morning, perhaps with a drop of milk, the Breakfast Station’s kettle will allow you to rapidly heat the water for tea, herbal tea or any other infusion, either to 80°or to 100°. In fact, the cappuccino maker turns into an electric kettle and in less than 2 minutes you will have water at 100° ready for infusing. The kettle function can be activated simply by pressing the right button and the Breakfast Station will turn itself off as soon as the water has boiled.

Electric milk boiler and cappuccino maker: how do you make latte macchiato at home? Frothing milk has never been so easy. While the Breakfast Station’s electric Moka pot prepares the coffee, the electric milk boiler heats the milk and froths it, creating a mouth-watering soft creamy foam. If you cannot do without cappuccino, mochaccino, latte macchiato or frothy milk at breakfast, you simply have to have the cappuccino maker in your kitchen. The non-stick walls of the milk boiler make it easy to clean after use.

Quick and easy breakfast at home like at the bar!

The Breakfast Station is an electric Moka pot, cappuccino maker and electric kettle.

Electric Moka pot

If you cannot do without Moka coffee in the morning, the Breakfast Station fulfils your wishes with the electric Moka pot which enables you to make 2 or 4 cups of coffee in just a few minutes. The electric Moka pot will turn itself off automatically as soon as your coffee is ready, keeping it at the right temperature without burning it or leaving annoying coffee stains on the hob.

Milk boiler and electric cappuccino maker

Preparing cappuccino at home has never been quicker, because with the Breakfast Station, while the electric Moka pot prepares the coffee, you can heat and froth the milk in the electric cappuccino maker. In fact, the milk boiler turns into a handy boiler with a milk frothing function to prepare a soft, tasty foam with which to “stain” the coffee as soon as it’s ready.

Electric kettle

If you cannot do without a hot tea or a herbal tea in the morning, with the Breakfast Station’s kettle you can heat the water to 80° or 100° in just 2 minutes. As soon as the water reaches the selected temperature, it turns itself off automatically, leaving you free to choose your infusion and enjoy your favourite breakfast.

Coffee, cappuccino, tea, herbal tea, and that’s not all!

ariete 1344 breakfast station mocaccino


Coffee, frothy milk and cocoa: a small daily pleasure to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Prepare the coffee with the Breakfast Station’s electric Moka pot and at the same time froth hot or cold milk using the kettle and then pour yourself a mochaccino, adding a sprinkling of cocoa and a dash of chocolate.

ariete 1344 breakfast station cappuccino

Iced cappuccino

Is it possible to froth cold milk? With the Breakfast Station you can also create a froth of cold milk in a few minutes, to “stain” your iced coffee and enjoy all the flavour of a cappuccino even on the hottest days.

matcha latte breakfast station moka elettrica bollitore cappuccinatore colazione

Matcha Latte

For an alternative breakfast or snack, try a Matcha Latte. Dissolve a teaspoon of matcha tea in boiling water, turn the kettle into a cappuccino maker and prepare your milk froth. At this point you just have to mix the ingredients and enjoy your hot Matcha Latte at home.

3 products in 1. Moka pot, cappuccino maker and kettle.

breakfast station moka elettrica bollitore cappuccinatore colazione

Product specifications

Model 1344
Code 00M134400AR0
EAN 8003705114838
Power 480 watt
Capacity 4/2 cups
30 minutes keep warm function
Cordless kettle
Transparent cover
2 milk frother accessories
Moka function
Hot Milk foam function
Cold milk foam function
100°C kettle function
80°C water warming function
Product length 32.00 cm
Product width 15.00 cm
Product height 24.00 cm
Product weight 1.78 Kg
Box weight 2.78 Kg
Master weight 6.20 Kg
Master pieces 2
Pallet pieces 60
20 container pieces 1352
40 container pieces 2754
40H container pieces 3054