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Ecowe 2001


Dries, reduces the volume of organic waste and eliminates odours. Only 60W/h of power and two drying cycles of your choice based on the type and quantity of waste. With activated carbon filter. Silver


Eliminate organic waste odors with EcoWe

Separate collection, unpleasant smells, large quantities of waste after dinners with friends or family. Ecowe solves these problems. Organic waste dryer and intelligent waste bin, EcoWe dries and reduces the volume of organic waste. As?

Pour organic waste into the upper basket of the bin. Once filled, activate the drying cycle: you can choose between 9 or 15 hours based on the quantity and type of food. The choice is made by pressing the finger: by holding down the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds, the 15-hour cycle is chosen, otherwise with a simple click, the 9-hour cycle is chosen.

Thanks to the activated carbon filter mod. 4081, which retains odors and impurities, you will never have to worry about bad smells again. The drying cycle will reduce the volume of waste to optimize space and eliminate bad odours, humidity and bacteria. All this in an extremely silent way: you sleep, she works.

At the end of drying, lift the upper basket: the dried food will automatically move to the lower container with bag. In this way you will not have any contact with organic waste and Ecowe will be immediately ready to collect further waste.

Your Ecowe won't even look like a waste bin: thanks to its elegant, modern and compact design it will fit flawlessly into your kitchen.


Throw the trash

Thanks to the wheels, transport the EcoWe bin close to your table, open the pressure lid and throw the waste directly into the upper basket


Start the drying cycle

Decide the drying cycle based on the type and quantity: the 9-hour cycle has a kWH power of 0.56 while the 15-hour cycle has a kWH power of 0.93


Waste disposal

At the end of drying, by lifting the upper basket, the organic waste will be automatically disposed of in the lower basket with bag

Benefits of EcoWE


Large quantities of organic waste? No problem!

EcoWe has a capacity of 4L in the upper drawer for freshly disposed waste and 6L in the lower drawer for disposed waste. You will have no more thoughts after big dinners with friends and family


Less waste, zero odors

The active carbon filter, during drying, acts on odors and impurities, avoiding dispersion in the environment. Drying also reduces the volume of waste to optimize space and eliminate bad odours, humidity and bacteria


Help the ecology

Thanks to the rapid disposal and drying of waste, EcoWe will be immediately and always ready to dispose of new organic waste

Respect for the Environment

Ecowe is a friend of the environment: it reduces the frequency of organic waste disposal and is an excellent ally for the management of organic waste


Le principali caratteristiche di Ecowe


Ecowe reduces the volume of organic waste by up to 80% thanks to the drying process, eliminating bad odors and without drips. You can make her work at night: you sleep and it works silently. Ecowe's electricity consumption is comparable to the transformer of a personal computer. She is the best ally in the kitchen!

Product specifications

Model 2001
Code 00C200100AR0
EAN 8003705119123
Power 60W/h
Fan motor 10W
2 drying cycles 9 hours and 15 hours
On/Off and Pause button
Anti-odour seal on the opening
Pressure lid and opening with hinge brake
Upper removable basket 4L
Lower fixed basket for disposed waste 6L
Activated carbon filter
Transport wheels
Product length 28.00 cm
Product width 33.00 cm
Product height 69.00 cm
Product weight 10.00 Kg
Box weight 11.38 Kg
Master weight 11.38 Kg
Master pieces 1
Pallet pieces 15
20 container pieces 306
40 container pieces 630
40H container pieces 630