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Hepa Filters Replacement Kit


Replacement HEPA filters compatible with the Jet Force Ariete 2791, 2791/1, 2791/2, 2791/4 vacuum cleaner


Product description

The Hepa filter ensures maximum capacity to retain fine dust and micro particles of dirt that are sucked up by the Ariete Jet Force vacuum cleaner. It is advisable to always carry out proper maintenance of the appliance and to periodically replace the inlet and outlet filters. The kit with the new and original Ariete replacement Hepa filters will always ensure the best performance in terms of suction of your Jet Force vacuum cleaner and the safety of not dispersing the finest dust you have sucked into your home. The replacement kit with Hepa filters also makes the air you breathe cleaner! The kit is compatible with the following vacuum cleaner models:

  • Aries 2791
  • Aries 2791/1
  • Aries 2791/2
  • Aries 2791/4

Product specifications

Model 4047
Code 00P404700AR0
EAN 8003705110502
Product length cm
Product width cm
Product height cm
Product weight 0.08 Kg
Box weight 0.14 Kg
Master weight 5.38 Kg
Master pieces 36
Pallet pieces 900
20 container pieces 19152
40 container pieces 39312
40H container pieces 49140