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Microwave 952


Microwave oven with grill function. 20 liter capacity ideal for heating, cooking and defrosting in a short time. 35 minute timer, 5 power levels, 3 combined functions.


How to use Ariete's microwave oven with grill

Ariete's combinated microwave oven with grill is at your side at any time of the day, when you need to quickly heat, cook or defrost ready-made dishes for a quick meal, but also to speed up classic kitchen preparations when you have little desire to cook. 

Combined microwave oven: how does it work? Thanks to the 3 combined functions, the Ariete 952 microwave allows you to cook dishes by coosing to combine the grill function with the classic microwave cooking to obtain an even more crunchy result. In this way you will halve the cooking time of complex dishes such as lasagna, baked potatoes or roasts, also saving on the bill, because the microwave oven doesn't need to preheat like the traditional electric oven.

Ariete Microwave oven 952 is fast because thanks to the 5 power levels, 3 combined functions and grill cooking, it allows you to solve the preparation of lunches and dinners in a few minutes, when you have little time to cook.

Product specifications

Model 0952
Code 00C095200AR0
EAN 8003705118515
Power 700W
Grill function 1000W
3 Combined Functions
Defrost function
Diameter glass turntable plate 255 mm
Heat, cook and thaw
5 Power Levels
Timer 35 minutes
Capacity 20 Liters
Conformity Marks CE
Product length 44.00 cm
Product width 36.00 cm
Product height 26.00 cm
Product weight 10.74 Kg
Box weight 11.82 Kg
Master weight 11.82 Kg
Master pieces 1
Pallet pieces 28
20 container pieces 581
40 container pieces 1187
40H container pieces 1336