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Passì Orange 2.0


Electric vegetable mill with 3 discs supplied for coarse, medium and fine pulp. Stainless steel shovel, removable and dishwasher safe. Ideal for baby food.


Passì Ariete: the electric vegetable mill for your vegetable puree

Passì is a practical electric vegetable mill that can be operated with a simple button and allows you to prepare, effortlessly and quickly, tasty and digestible vegetable soups, but not only. The electric vegetable mill, in fact, is the only appliance capable of separating the peels and seeds from the pulp of fruit and vegetables, without adding air to pureed foods, which is why it is ideal for homemade jams, tomato sauces and purées. Unlike blenders and food processors, in fact, the slow rotation, with an alternating rotary movement, allows you to filter the food as much as possible, allowing you to obtain only the finest pulp. For this reason, the "passatutto" is an indispensable appliance in the weaning of younger children, but also for all those who have digestive problems. Passì is a light and small-sized vegetable mill, but at the same time resistant to both shocks and heat, it adapts to the size of any container and is easily disassembled. The stainless steel accessories (shovel and 3 discs with small, medium and large holes) are also dishwasher safe.

Product specifications

Model 0261
Code 00C026120AR0
EAN 8003705109841
Power 25 Watts
Accessories included 3 stainless steel discs (large holes, medium holes, small holes)
Stainless steel shovel
Removable and dishwasher safe
Nemko conformity marks
Product length 37.00 cm
Product width 21.00 cm
Product height 13.50 cm
Product weight 1.16 Kg
Box weight 1.06 Kg
Master weight 8.90 Kg
Master pieces 4
Pallet pieces 64
20 container pieces 1284
40 container pieces 2628
40H container pieces 3076