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Multicooker Twist


Unique 5L household appliance with different functions, handy and easy to carry. 30 preset programs to create different recipes. From yogurt to fried food.


Product description

With the Multicooker Twist, a new precious ally for your table steps into the kitchen. The Multicooker Twist, in fact, contains multiple cooking accessories in a single appliance: electric pan, deep fryer, steamer, yoghurt maker and oven. The distinctive element of the product is most certainly the automatic mixing blade, which allows you to mix the ingredients as they cook, without having to manually stir everything. The inner pot, coated with non-stick ceramic, can be removed and features integrated handles for easy removal. The temperature range varies from 35 °C to 180 °C and is able to guarantee excellent fried foods, as well as delicious and tasty yoghurt. With its simple and intuitive display, the Multicooker Twist offers 30 preset programs and an infinite number of customisable programs. Thanks to the recipe collection, the Multicooker Twist will help you put delicious dishes on your table: pastas, risottos, soups, main courses, desserts, yoghurt, steamed foods, bread and fried foods. The Multicooker Twist cooks and mixes, all you have to do is taste

multicooker twist ariete 2945
multicooker twist ariete 2945 display lcd

Display LCD

multicooker twist ariete 2945 30 programmi preimpostati

30 Preset Programs

multicooker twist ariete 2945 pala mescolatrice

Automatic Mixing Blade

multicooker twist ariete 2945 contenitore ceramica antiaderente

Non-Stick Coating

Multicooker saves you when you don't feel like cooking

multicooker twist ariete 2945

Multicooker, multi-flavours

A single appliance and many different cooking accessories, so you can put a new recipe on your table every day, quickly and easily. The Multicooker Twist is an electric pan, a deep fryer, a steamer, a yoghurt maker, an oven and much more, thanks to the 30 preset programs and the infinite number of customisable programs.

multicooker twist ariete 2945 pasta

30 preset programs

The Multicooker Twist reaches temperatures between 35 °C and 180 °C for cooking, inside a single non-stick ceramic pot, pastas, risottos, soups, as well as desserts, steamed vegetables, bread and even fried foods. The Multicooker Twist even thinks about stirring the ingredients for you, thanks to the automatic mixing blade.

multicooker twist ariete 2945 programmazione

Timer up to 24 hours in advance

When you are short on time and you have to organise breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the whole family, having an ally like the Multicooker Twist can really turn your day around! You can set the timer to cook your favourite dish up to 24 hours in advance: The Multicooker Twist thinks of everything!

Many recipes to be created quickly only with Multicooker Twist Ariete

multicooker twist ariete 2945 pala mescolatrice automatica

Automatic mixing blade

Would you like to prepare a risotto, but you don’t have enough time to look after everything? No problem: The Multicooker Twist is equipped with an automatic mixing blade, which stirs the ingredients inside the pot, without you needing to do anything else. Just think about what you want to eat and the Multicooker does everything for you.

multicooker twist ariete 2945 polpette

Recipe collection with 52 recipes

The Ariete team has collected 52 traditional Italian recipes, which can be easily prepared with the Multicooker Twist. You will know exactly how much you need of each ingredient and the right preparation times. All you have to do is put it to the test and create your own customised programs to cook whatever you like at any time.

multicooker twist ariete 2945 recipiente estraibile ceramica antiaderente

Non-stick ceramic bowl

With the Multicooker Twist cooking becomes easy, but the same is also true for cleaning! You will no longer have to wash a multitude of pots and containers, because you will only need the ceramic bowl to prepare all the ingredients. What’s more, the non-stick coating guarantees homogeneous cooking, preventing the ingredients from sticking or burning and it is also easy to clean, as the pot is easy to remove using the integrated handles.

Product specifications

Model 2945
Code 00C294500AR0
EAN 8003705114548
Power 1900W
Internal mixing blade
Pot with non-stick ceramic coating 5L
30 pre-set programs
Manual programming with time and temperature adjustment
Handy and easy to carry
Schedule up to 24 hours in advance
LED display
Accessories present spoon, spatula, measuring cup, basket, recipe book
Product length 44.00 cm
Product width 32.50 cm
Product height 24.00 cm
Product weight 4.93 Kg
Box weight 6.50 Kg
Master weight 7.73 Kg
Master pieces 1
Pallet pieces 20
20 container pieces 427
40 container pieces 850
40H container pieces 980