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Sani-Jet Air


Ultrasonic sanitizer, ideal for sanitizing environments in a simple and practical way because it acts in total autonomy. Using it with a Sani-Jet Clean, it sanitizes an area of 15 square meters in just 30 minutes. Recommended by the Ministry of Health


Make your home safe with the sanitizing effectiveness of Sani-Jet Air

With Sani-Jet Air you sanitize your home in a practical and safe way. Dissolve a sachet of Sani-Jet Clean in 700 ml of water, set the timer, operate the product and sanitize your home, office, shop or any other environment easily and safely.

Sani-Jet Air works independently by sanitizing the rooms by air saturation, effectively eliminating germs and bacteria from any surface up to the most difficult to reach corners.

Sani-Jet Air can also be used as a humidifier thanks to the specific function that can be set from the touchscreen LED display. Humidifies the air, making the environment healthier and more relaxing.

Sanitizes up to 90 m2 with a sachet of Sani-Jet Clean

Make your home safe and sanitized: with a sachet of Sani-Jet Clean you can sanitize up to 90 m2 in just 3 hours and in total autonomy. It is necessary to dissolve a sachet of Sani-Jet Clean in 700 ml of water and once the solution (pink in colour) has been created, it will be active for 5/7 days.


Not just at home

With Sani-Jet Air you can thoroughly sanitize and humidify all environments, both domestic and work. Ideal for home, offices, gyms, kindergartens, shops, beauty salons frequented by several people throughout the day.


Humidification function

Sani-Jet Air is the humidifier that thanks to the special adjustable function up to 95%, to make the air healthier and cleaner. The advantage of Sani-Jet Air is that it does not use fragrance solutions and can be used in all those cases where the humidity falls below the standard levels. Once the established humidity value is reached, Sani-Jet Air automatically stops its operation.



Product specifications

Model 2836
Code 00B2836P0AR0
EAN 8003705120204
Power 30 watts
Tank capacity 5L
Included 10 Sani-Jet Clean sachets
Sanitize up to 90 m2 with one sachet
Touch screen LED display
End of water warning light with beep
Ionic function
Timer with 3 intensity levels
Functions sanitation and humidification
Product length 21.50 cm
Product width 21.50 cm
Product height 29.00 cm
Product weight 1.50 Kg
Box weight 2.30 Kg
Master weight 9.10 Kg
Master pieces 4
Pallet pieces 80
20 container pieces 1428
40 container pieces 2960
40H container pieces 3472