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Product description

Smart is the ultra compact Ariete vacuum cleaner with high energy efficiency motor, a practical ally for cleaning your home. With a power of only 700W, it easily frees floors from dust and dirt. Equipped with two bags, one in paper and one in fabric, it has a capacity of 2.5 liters and there is a practical carrying handle.

Energy Saving

Energy Saving

High Efficiency Motor
Maximum Suction Power

Product specifications

Model 2735
Code 00P273510AR0
EAN 8003705112988
Power 2100W Locked Motor (1000W)
Variable speed + P
2L Machinable Chopper Capacity (3L total)
Workable blender capacity 1.5L (2L total)
Stainless steel chopper blade
Plastic blade for kneading
Disc for mounting
Disc with blade inserts for slicing, julienne and stick cutting
Juicer accessory
Product length 26.00 cm
Product width 24.00 cm
Product height 41.00 cm
Product weight 5.00 Kg
Box weight 6.28 Kg
Master weight 13.48 Kg
Master pieces 2
Pallet pieces 16
Container 20 pieces 474
Container 40 pieces 974
40H 1152 container pieces
Container pieces 974
40H Container pieces 1152
Product length 36.50 cm
Product width 29.00 cm
Product height 31.50 cm
Product weight 4.85 Kg
Box weight 5.72 Kg
Master weight 5.72 Kg
Master pieces 1
Pallet pieces 36
Container pieces 1560
Product length 38.00 cm
Product width 27.00 cm
Product height 20.00 cm
Product weight 4.75 Kg
Box weight 5.71 Kg
Master weight 5.71 Kg
Master pieces 1
Pallet pieces 42
20 container pieces 930
40 container pieces 1840
40H container pieces 2100