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Twin Aqua Power Turbo

Product Sheet Model: 4242
Booklets Code: 00P424210AR0
EAN: 8003705109070

Twin Aqua Power is the new washing vacuum cleaner: with a 1.600, the multi-function cleaner washes with detergent to remove the most difficult spots and due to the powerful suction power dries the surfaces in a while.
Washing function: by adding the detergent into the water tank it is possible spraying a considerable amount of water for deep down cleaning. Vacuum function: suction power can be regulated and the water filter together with Hepa filter keeps dust and powder to guarantee clean air. With Magic brush the water can be sucked while spraying so to wash and dry instantly. Vaporì Fresh New Datasheet

Product specifications

Modello 4242
Codice 00P424210AR0
Power 1.700
Voltage 230v 50 HZ
Type Washing vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner Wet & dry water filter
Clean water tank capacity 3 L
Dirty water tank capacity 3 L
Water filter capacity 0,5 L
Vacuum power 170 mmHg
Noisy 77 db
Water cleaning Cold water
Detergent dispenser with regulator
Detergent tank / capacity On body / 0,7 L
End-of-water  light
Full dust tank light
Filters HEPA - 4 stages filters
Automatic cord winder
Accessories Magic brush for sucking water, Window brush, Nozzle, Floor brush, Parquet attachment, Detergent , Upholstery brush, Turbo brush
Gross weight of product 13 kg (13,68 kg with turbo brush)
Gift box measure 630x460x430 mm
Gift box gross weight 15,64 kg (16,24 kg with turbo brush)
Pcs per master 1
Loading qty container 20”/40”/40”HQ 225/450/540