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Robomix Metal

Product Sheet Model: 1779
Booklets Code: 00C177900AR0
EAN: 8003705112391

Robomix Metal is a food processor complete with a set of accessories, covered in metal and equipped with a plastic blender cup. The cup, combined with the set of blades provided, allows you to chop, shred and blend any ingredient.

Product specifications

Modello 1779
Codice 00C177900AR0
Power 1,500W Locked Motor (800W)
Speed variable + P
Cup capacity 2.1 L max (1.2 L)
Blender capacity 1.75 L max
Chopper blade in stainless steel
Blending plastic blade
Whipping disk
Cutting disk with blade inserts - thin and thick slices
- thin and thick julienne
- stick
Product length 26.00 cm
Product width 26.00 cm
Product height 40.00 cm
Product weight 3.34 Kg
Package weight 4.86 Kg
Shipping carton weight 10.64 Kg
Shipping carton pieces 2
Pallet pieces 32
Container 20 pieces 678
Container 40 pieces 1344
Container 40H pieces 1560
Box weight 4.86 Kg
Master weight 10.64 Kg
Master pieces 2
Container pieces 1344
40H Container pieces 1560