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Product Sheet Model: 2717
Booklets Code: 00P271710AR0
EAN: 8003705112476

Briciola is the robot vacuum cleaner capable of self-cleaning floors and carpets, thus saving time and energy. Equipped with the most advanced fall and collision-protection sensors, the robot can bypass all obstacles encountered during the cleaning cycle and is able to detect differences in height, thus avoiding falling. Thanks to its self-navigation system, the Briciola robot also cleans the corners and the edges of the room.

Product specifications

Modello 2717
Codice 00P271710AR0
Self-cleaning random, circular movements, zigzag, running along walls
Tank capacity 0.5 L
Main filter plus HEPA filter
Including 2 side brushes
Noise 67.5 dB(A)
Power up to 25W
With collision and fall-protection sensors
Autonomy 1.5 h
Charging time 3.5 h
Product length 34.00 cm
Product width 34.00 cm
Product height 9.00 cm
Product weight 3.14 Kg
Package weight 4.26 Kg
Shipping carton weight 9.13 Kg
Shipping carton pieces 2
Pallet pieces 48
Container 20 pieces 1124
Container 40 pieces 2356
Container 40H pieces 2680
Box weight 4.26 Kg
Master weight 9.13 Kg
Master pieces 2
Container pieces 2356
40H Container pieces 2680