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  • Sorbet Maker

    Модель: 0632

  • Twin Ice Cream Maker

    Модель: 0631

  • Omelette Maker Party Time

    Модель: 0182

    Электрогриль позволяет легко и быстро приготовить вкусные омлеты и тортильи, аппетитные кальцоне и слоеные пирожки с соленой или сладкой начинкой, ароматные ...

  • Sweet Granita Party Time

    Модель: 0078

    Fresh slush drinks made in seconds!  Just add the ice cubes, start the appliance, pour on the syrup and enjoy a refreshing slush drink!  Compact for storage and completely disassembled for easy cleaning!

  • Donuts Cookies Party Time

    Модель: 0189

    Electric retro design plate with special designed cavity for cooking donuts.

  • Muffin Cupcake Party Time

    Модель: 0188

    Electric retro design plate with special designed cavity for cooking muffin and cupcakes.

  • Waffle Maker Party Time

    Модель: 0187

    Electric retro design waffle plates to prepare belgian or classic waffle at home.

  • Hotdog Party Time

    Модель: 0186

    Quick and easy, in a few minutes will make warm and fragrant hot-dog, perfect for an American-style party at your home!

  • Softy Ice Cream Party Time

    Модель: 0634

    Softy Ice-Cream maker is the new compact machine for making soft ice-cream. Easy to use, it makes a soft and creamy ice cream in any flavour in just half an hour. Disassembles easily for simple cleaning and saves space thanks to a special closing system for when it is not in ...

  • Cotton Candy Party Time

    Модель: 2971

    Cotton Candy machine with retro design. Works with both the granulated sugar and candies for a quick cone of cotton candy in many different flavors.