Discover Ariete

  • Duetto Garment Iron

    Duetto Garment Iron

    Model: 6246

    Innovative vertical ironing appliance with patented technology equipped with 180° rotary head that permits the use also as iron by simply rotating the plate. Vertical ironing allows to penetrate deeply into the fibres and regenerate them, to release fabrics and remove creases, odours, and lint, ...

  • Stiromatic Compact

    Model: 6253

    The 6253 ironing system is the new Ariete proposal with a boiler able to provide a strong and effective steam jet and a smooth and efficient ironing on all garments. Compact and lightweight, it is ready in a few minutes and is extremely easy to use.

  • Garment Steamer

    Garment Steamer

    Model: 4167

    The portable garment steamer is the vertical ironing machine designed to ensure easy vertical ironing of creased fabrics or to reinvigorate garments which have been stored for a long time in the wardrobe. Steam immediately ready, lightweight and easy to handle, the vertical ironing machine ...

  • Steam Iron 2200W

    Model: 6243

    Top-level design, capacity and features distinguish the 6243 model that, thanks to the bi-directional ceramic plate and a 2200W power, is the ideal iron for a professional, effective and fast ironing. The equipment is completed by the 320ml tank, the ergonomic soft-touch handle, the ...

  • Steam Iron 2000W

    Model: 6235

    With a compact design, the excellent tank capacity and 2000W power, the Iron 6235 by Ariete is in the segment of everyday-use iron, with the advantage of the ceramic plate, for a extremely fluid and effective ironing, anti-dripping and a powerful and well-distributed steam jet. Result: a ...

  • Steam Iron 2000W

    Model: 6234

    Light weight and reduced size, ergonomic handle and horizontal filling, dry and well-distributed steam: The 6234 iron distinguishes itself for extreme ease of use and efficient ironing, being ideal for everyday use. The non-stick plate, the auto-cleaning system, the intense blue color and the ...

  • Stiromatic Instanto PRO

    Model: 5578

    Ariete presents a new product in the iron line and welcomes Stiromatic Instant PRO, a rechargeable ironing system with instantaneous steam generator, which will make you save time and effort ensuring excellent performance. Stiromatic Instant PRO is immediately ready with lots of ...

  • Steam Iron 2200W ceramic

    Model: 6215

    Professional design, ceramic plate, self-cleaning system, reaches even the toughest points, comfortable anti-slip handle.

  • Steam Iron 2000W ceramic

    Model: 6214

    2000 watts, ceramic plate, ergonomic handle.

  • Freestyle

    Model: 6236

    No more wires with this new cordless iron from Ariete! A cutting-edge 2-in-1 system to bring you all of the power of a traditional iron, with the pratical use of cordless technology. In just one ste, you can pass from one function to another, without wasting energy.

  • Ecopower

    Model: 6422

    New ironing system from the EcoPower family, with comfy handle for easy carrying. The large reservoir (1.7 litres) can be removed for interruption-free ironing. The special anti-scale cartridge guarantees maximum efficiency against the buiold up of scale; an integrated cord winder in the base ...

  • Steam Iron 2200W Grey

    Model: 6232

    Steam iron with 2200 watt with professional cork handle that guarantee a confortable and efficient ironing.  An excellent iron with anti drip and anti calc, it's also protected from limescale thanks to the self-cleaning function.

  • Steam Iron 2400 Deluxe

    Model: 6216

    A steam iron with a professional performance, thanks to the innovative ceramic soleplate that protects the textiles and improves the diffusion of heat. With a 2,400 Watts power output, steam regulation, steam power and anti-drip device, the 2400W Deluxe steam iron is also protected from ...

  • Travel Chic

    Model: 6224

    An 800 Watts iron that thanks to the "vertical steam" system permits ironing anywhere, even without the ironing board. Compact, light and easy to handle and supplied with a practical carrier, the Travel Chic iron can be easily taken with you on your travels. Thanks to the folding handle, the ...

  • Steam Iron 2200W

    Model: 6215

    A 2,200 Watts steam iron with a stainless steel soleplate. The chromed slim point that reaches even the most difficult points and the anti-slip handgrip make this iron an ideal ally for excellent ironing.

  • Steam Iron 2000W

    Model: 6214

    A practical and functional steam iron with easy horizontal filling and an ergonomic handgrip. The 2,000 Watts power output and the slippery soleplate in stainless steel guarantee comfortable and efficient ironing.