Discover Ariete

  • Spremì

    Model: 0408

    The new Spremì is an elegant, refined citrus press with double reamer, fins to press the pulp and a spout for pouring the juice. The dust cover and cord winder, which is built into the base, make this appliance even easier to store.  And thanks to its alternate rotary movement, it is able ...

  • Gran Gelato Metal

    Model: 0693

    Compact and elegant self-cooling ice-cream maker for fast, excellent homemade ice cream. Thanks to a compressor that takes the temperature down to - 35 degrees, it is possible to prepare lots of different flavours in sequence. With two baskets - one removable - graded container and ice-cream ...

  • Gran Gelato

    Model: 0638

    Compact and elegant ice cream maker for quick and easy, superb home-made ice cream. Complete with cooling cylinder and mixing paddle.  Pour the ingredients straight in from the top for excellent ice cream in just 30 minutes. Can be fully dismantled and washed. The ideal appliance ...

  • Metal Grill 1200

    Model: 1923

    Grill finished in stainless steel. Ribbed cooking surfaces with double cooking position and adjustable temperature.

  • Toast & Grill Slim

    Model: 1911

    Non-stick electric grill with ridged plates for preparing excellent sandwiches, panini, hot dogs, hamburgers or brochettes. A compact and elegant kitchen aid.

  • Mixy Orange

    Model: 1541

    Multipurpose mixer to speed up preparation; combines ingredients together perfectly and with its kneader attachments it can also work with firmer mixes.

  • Pimmy 200

    Model: 0881

    A practical and immediate help for the preparation of milk shakes, cocktails and soups without leaving chaos in the kitchen. It has 2 speeds, the leg is removable for easy cleaning and it is equipped with a handy rubber hook to hang it on the wall to keep it close to hand.

  • Centrika Metal

    Model: 0173

    Centrika is a new solid and compact juicer with 700 Watts of power for quick fruit and vegetable juices.  The innovative "Apple Chute" with wide opening (75 mm) means you can easily insert whole fruits or vegetables, without cutting them into pieces.  It has dual speed, a ...

  • Blendy Orange

    Model: 0570

    Compact blender with renewed design , ideal for making excellent shakes and smoothies. It can also be used to grind sugar, coffee and spices

  • Gratì Professional

    Model: 0448

    The only grater with professional top-performance roller: Grati Professional is the ideal tool for grating - as well as cheese. Dry bread, almonds, chocolate and other nuts. It has a metal hopper the grates at the push of a button. It also has a removable container for serving directly at the ...

  • Gratì 2.0 Orange

    Model: 0447

    Cordless, lightweight and easy to handle, Grati 2.0 has kept all of the traditional functions that have made it the name in rechargeable electric graters. However, now it is even easier to use. The new upright SPACE SAVER base takes up a minimum of room on the counter top. A lengthy autonomy ...

  • Gratì Metal

    Model: 0044

    Practical rechargeable electric grater. Cordless and with no batteries, light and handy, it is activated with a simple press on the button. Ideal for grating both hard and soft cheese. In addition its high power also allows grating dry bread, chocolate, dried fruit etc.  

  • Gratì Turbo Orange

    Model: 0439

    The electric Grati Turbo has become an instant success, thanks to its shape, pleasing and elegant at the same time. After being used for grating, Grati Turbo becomes into a stylish cheese dish, using the stayfresh cover supplied as an accessory. It can be taken straight to the table, where ...

  • Gratì 440

    Model: 0440

    Practical electric grater. It is rechargeable in off-position, without wires or batteries and it guarantees a long running time (over 100 dishes with a charge). Light-weight and handy, it is activated at the simple touch of a button. Easy to disassemble for a perfect cleaning. It is perfect ...