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  • Steam Mop Foldable 10 in 1

    Steam Mop Foldable 10 in 1

    Model: 4175

    For a perfectly sanitized home, Steam Mop Foldable 10 in 1 is the ideal ally!Thanks to the removable central body it can also be used as a steam cleaner and easily reach all corners of the ...

  • Steam Mop 10 in 1

    Steam Mop 10 in 1

    Model: 4164

    Steam Mop 10 in 1 is the light and versatile steam scrubber that transforms into a practical multifunction steam generator ideal for deep cleaning and sanitation of domestic ...

  • Vaporì Jet

    Model: 4137

    No corner of the house will be spared. With Ariete’s Vaporì Jet handheld steam cleaner you will manage to deep clean even the most awkward corners in your house, relying on the natural effectiveness of steam against ...

  • Steam Mop 10 in 1

    Model: 4169

    The 10 in 1 Steam Mop is the versatile lightweight steam mop that turns into a handy multiuse steam cleaner, perfect for deep cleaning and sanitising domestic environments, because it helps eliminate germs and ...

  • Steam Mop

    Model: 4163

  • Steam and Sweeper 2 in 1

    Model: 2706

    Two indispensable functions for thorough cleaning of your house have been joined in a single product: the effectiveness of steam and the vacuum power will eliminate mites, bacteria and dirt from all types of flooring, including parquet. Steam & Sweeper 2in1, with carpet accessory and two ...

  • XSteam no stop

    Model: 4147

    XSteam no stop: the portable steam cleaner with unlimited autonomy. Thanks to the natural force of steam XSteam no stop cleans all household surfaces for maximum hygiene without the aid of chemical detergents, killing up to 99,9% of germs and bacteria. The steam regulation ensures the correct ...

  • XVapor Deluxe

    Model: 4146

    Is the new movable steam cleaner that features a handy accessory compartment on its base. Thanks to the natural force of steam, cleans all the household surfaces ensuring maximum hygiene without using chemical detergents: tiles, glass surfaces, parquet, marble, carpets. The wide range of ...

  • XVapor Comfort

    Model: 4145

    XVapor Comfort is the super compact and lightweight multi-purpose steam cleaner by Ariete designed for daily house cleaning. Germs and bacteria can lurk on any surface, such as floors, bathroom, fixtures, hobs, but also sofas, curtains and carpets, which is why Ariete has decided to equip the ...

  • Vaporì Fresh

    Model: 3015

    Ariete Steam Cleaner Lines Detergent - Vapori'Fresh New Datasheet