Discover Ariete

  • blue 22V Lithium

    Model: 2722

    The new 22 V Lithium cordless electric broom by Ariete has been designed to perfectly vacuum any surface of the house at any time, identifying even the most hidden dirt, thanks to the motorised brush with LED lights. ...

  • Handy Force RBT

    Model: 2759

    Handy Force RBT is the new corded electric broom, light and easy to handle, equipped with a double brush: a multipurpose brush for all types of floors and carpets and a motorised brush with LED lights to find and reach dirt even in the most hidden crevices. ...

  • Evolution

    Model: 2772

    The new electric broom, Evolution, featuring a high-efficiency motor and a new inner design, ensures an effective daily cleaning with minimal effort. Light, handy, and equipped with a washable HEPA filter, it offers top performance without any loss in suction power.

  • Cordless Sweeper

    Model: 2768

    Cordless Sweeper is a convenient, fast and easy to use wireless electric broom, ideal for cleaning floors and carpets. Cordless sweeper has an autonomy of more than 40 minutes and it is capable of reaching the hidden corners thanks to a swivel head. Home use on carpet and hard floor, ...