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    Model: 0730

    Steak house Grill is the vertical grill that allows you to cook more tasty and healthy steaks up to 4 cm, chicken, sausages, ribs, hamburgers, vegetables, bread, fruit, fish etc.Thanks to the vertical cooking system, the greases flow down into the special tray and never come into ...

  • Samosa Maker


    Special hot plate for cooking delicious samosa!

  • Frozen Ice Cream

    Model: 0630

    Cordless ice cream that combines compactness, functionality and taste. lt makes up to 1 kg of ice cream directly in the freezer without the need for any pre-refrigeration. The lithium battery recharges quickly and guarantees up to 5 ice creams with a charge.

  • Popcorn Popper Party Time

    Model: 2954

    Popcorn machine with compact retro design. Thanks to the special method of cooking with hot air, it makes fragrant, light popcorn in a few minutes, perfect for a fat-free natural snack. Small and compact, it's perfect for parties at home.

  • Chocolate Fountain

    Model: 2962

    Chocolate fountain in vintage style, useful for preparing a tasty chocolate fondue for dipping fresh fruit, biscuits and marshmallows!

  • Raclette

    Model: 0795

    Raclette with exclusive round design! Grill and melt whenever you want! Enjoy your party!

  • Raclette Stone

    Model: 0794

    Raclette in retro style with refractory stone! Enjoy the melted cheese with the vegetables and meat that you prefer! The innovative stone keeps the temperature constant and uniform by cooking the food in an excellent way!

  • Raclette Fondue

    Model: 0793

    Fondue Raclette in retro style! Boil, melt, grill and fry what you like best! Free your imagination and enjoy the party with a dip in cheese!

  • Popcorn Popper XL

    Model: 2953

    Maxi popcorn maker with unique design, prepares delicious hot popcorn in minutes, to be enjoyed at any time of your day. Easy to use and clean!

  • Hamburger Maker Party Time

    Model: 0185

    Easy and quick: two delicious hamburgers, perfect for an American-style party at home, ready in less than 5 minutes! Two plates in one product will allow you to heat the bread and cook the burgers at the same time! The non-stick plates are easy to clean, ensuring it is always ready to use.

  • Crepes Maker Party Time

    Model: 0183

    Electric flat plate with vintage design for cooking crepes, pancakes, tortillas or pita easily and in a very simple way. Easy to use, compact shape, exclusive design. Pour the mixture, cook, dress and a delicious snack is immediately ready.

  • Sorbet Maker

    Model: 0632

    Prepares in few minutes delicious and fresh fruit sorbets. Add frozen fruit, start and a soft and delicious sorbet is ready in an instant.

  • Twin Ice Cream Maker

    Model: 0631

    Prepares two delicius ice cream mugs in your favourite flavour. Pour the mix with milch, chocolate or fruit, start and your ice cream is ready in a short time! Self-cooling cups to be put in the freezer and have them always ready.

  • Omelette Maker Party Time

    Model: 0182

    The electric hot plate is ideal for making tasty omelettes or tortillas, calzones, delicious calzone or “rustici” (savoury pies or stuffed cake), and crispy empanadas.
Pour the mix into the cavity, close, and in a few minutes it will be baked and golden-brown...and the party can get ...

  • Sweet Granita Party Time

    Model: 0078

    Fresh slush drinks made in seconds!  Just add the ice cubes, start the appliance, pour on the syrup and enjoy a refreshing slush drink!  Compact for storage and completely disassembled for easy cleaning!