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  • Sani-Jet Air

    Sani-Jet Air

    Model: 2836

    With Sani-Jet Air you sanitize your home in a practical and safe way. Dissolve a sachet of Sani-Jet Clean in 700 ml of water, set the timer, operate the product and sanitize your home, office, shop or any other ...

  • Sani-Jet Clean

    Model: 4078

    Sani-Jet Clean is the water-soluble powder sanitiser that can be sprayed using the Ariete Sani-Jet directly on any surface or in any environment, both at home and at work, to clean and remove dirt, germs and ...

  • Sani-Jet

    Model: 4126

    Sani-Jet is the first sanitising nebuliser on the market, compact, handy and easy to use, specific for cleaning any surface or environment thanks to the action of Sani-Jet Clean, the sanitising solution whose effectiveness has been tested on surfaces ...