Discover Ariete

  • Gran Gelato

    Model: 638

    Compact and elegant ice cream maker for quick and easy, superb home-made ice cream. Complete with cooling cylinder and mixing paddle.  Pour the ingredients straight in from the top for excellent ice cream in just 30 minutes. Can be fully dismantled and washed. The ideal appliance ...

  • Gran Gelato Metal

    Model: 693

    Compact and elegant self-cooling ice-cream maker for fast, excellent homemade ice cream. Thanks to a compressor that takes the temperature down to - 35 degrees, it is possible to prepare lots of different flavours in sequence. With two baskets - one removable - graded container and ice-cream ...

  • Ice cream & Yogurt maker

    Model: 635

    Now you can make yogurt, ice cream or frozen yogurt in a single, easy-to-use appliance.  The yogurt bowl, with useful handle, can be used to make up to 1.2 litres of yogurt and easily store it in the refrigerator.  The large ice cream bowl can be used to make up to 1 kg.