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  • 4 Blades Multiprep 7in1

    4 Blades Multiprep 7in1

    Model: 0898

    4 Blades Multiprep 7in1 is a hand blender but not only. It is the perfect ally for your kitchen, a 2-liter food processor complete with accessories to perform many functions:

  • Pimmy Easy

    Model: 0884

    Pimmy Easy is the hand blender with stainless steel blades ideal for preparing smoothies, soups, velvets, sauces and cocktails. Thanks to the convenient buttons located directly ...

  • Pimmy 350W 3 in 1

    Model: 0885

    Blend, whip and chop. Pimmy 350W 3 in 1 is Ariete's hand blender with the supplied accessories to transform it in a few moments from a pimer to an electric whisk or an electric chopper with graduated glass included. A single appliance that you will use for many recipes, both sweet and salty. ...

  • Pimmy 700W Orange

    Model: 0887

    Pimmy 700W, the new powerful and versatile immersion mixer, can mix any ingredient in little time with the special three blade.  

  • Pimmy 500w 3 in 1

    Model: 0886

    Powerful and multi-purpose immersion blender that, thanks to its triple blade, can mix any ingredient in a blink. It's equipped with a complete accessories set, for various preparations: The whisk and the 500ml mixing cup make it a small multipurpose house appliance, that will satisfy every ...

  • Pimmy 200

    Model: 0881

    A practical and immediate help for the preparation of milk shakes, cocktails and soups without leaving chaos in the kitchen. It has 2 speeds, the leg is removable for easy cleaning and it is equipped with a handy rubber hook to hang it on the wall to keep it close to hand.