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  • black AIRY FRYER XXL

    black AIRY FRYER XXL

    Model: 4618

    With Ariete's Airy Fryer XXL air fryer you can fry any dish, even in large quantities, using just one tablespoon of oil to obtain healthy and tasty frying at the same time. Thanks to the 5.5-liter XXL basket with Ariete's Airy Fryer XXL you can cook up to 2.5 kg of French fries in one go! ...

  • Airy Fryer Digital

    Model: 4616

  • Airy fryer mini

    Model: 4615

    The Airy Fryer Mini is the compact fryer that enables you to obtain crispy, tasty fried food with a single tablespoonful of oil, to cook light food without sacrificing any taste. Thanks to the fat free cooking method, you just have to place the food inside, switch on the timer and adjust the ...

  • Easy Fry Metal

    Model: 4612

    Easy Fry Metal is the fully detachable fryer with oil tank and basket dishwasher free and an oil tank capacity of 2,5 to 2,9 lt and a basket capacity of 800gr. Thanks to easy to see-through window, handle integrated in body and easy to lift up the basket after cooking, practical handle for an ...

  • Easy Fry

    Model: 4611

    Easy Fry is the fully detachable fryer with removable tank, basket, lid and body easy to clean and dishwash free. From 2 to 2,5 lt oil capacity and 700gr basket capacity, window for cooking check, practical handles for easy carry, permanent filter. Easy fry avoids bad smells, fryes quickly ...