Discover Ariete

  • Jet Force

    Model: 2791

    Powerful and silent bagless vacuum cleaner, equipped with a HEPA filter that ensures maximum capacity to retain fine dust and micro particles of dirt. The product is equipped with a convenient, easily removable and emptyable 2.5 liter tank. The high efficiency cyclonic motor, with only 800 W of ...

  • J-Force

    Model: 2753

    Super efficient bagless vacuum cleaner: with its 700 w of power and bagless cyclonic technology, it boasts excellent performance on floors, low energy consumption and excellent ability to retain the finest dust. Great results with minimal effort!

  • Evolution

    Model: 2772

    The new electric broom, Evolution, featuring a high-efficiency motor and a new inner design, ensures an effective daily cleaning with minimal effort. Light, handy, and equipped with a washable HEPA filter, it offers top performance without any loss in suction power.

  • XForce

    Model: 2741

    X-Force is a bagless vacuum cleaner with cyclone technology! The excellent performance on floors and carpets, energy saving, and the automotive and eye-catching design will definitely make it a champion in cleaning the house! The vacuum cleaner is also equipped with an accessory ...

  • Smart

    Model: 2735

    Smart is the ultra compact Ariete vacuum cleaner with high energy efficiency motor, a practical ally for cleaning your home. With a power of only 700W, it easily frees floors from dust and dirt. Equipped with two bags, one in paper and one in fabric, it has a capacity of 2.5 liters and there is a ...

  • Wet & Dry cordless

    Model: 2474

  • Cordless Sweeper

    Model: 2768

    Cordless Sweeper is a convenient, fast and easy to use wireless electric broom, ideal for cleaning floors and carpets. Cordless sweeper has an autonomy of more than 40 minutes and it is capable of reaching the hidden corners thanks to a swivel head. Home use on carpet and hard floor, ...

  • Briciola

    Model: 2717

  • Briciola

    Model: 2711

    Briciola is the new robot vacuum cleaner for floors and carpets, cleans autoamatically and go back to the recharge base when the batteries are low. Equipped with the most advanced anti-collision and anti-obstacles sensors grants a daily accurate clearing covering the surface avoiding ...